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1 year has passed since Yonezawa Nippo Digital which is Internet News Site started.

To Japanese technology,culture and other thinking like to the peace, I feel the goodness of Japan has been really appreciated now in the world. We will transmit the treasure of Japan in real time to the world by means of Yonezawa Nippo Digital.


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     Managing Director Norio Narisawa  

I would like to say"A Happy New Year in 2016", to Yonezawa Nippo Digital" audience, and also Yonezawa Nippo Press readers, and to the sponsor companies that have gotten support our activities. I would like to thank big encouragement to us so far.
On September 30, 2014 , we suspended the publication of the newspaper "Yonezawa Nippo". And from January 1, 2015 onwards, we began the delivery of video internet news site "Yonezawa Nippo Digital" . The reason why we changed is, today, worldwide news method of transmission by the spread of smart phones has been at the center of the video from the print media by the newspaper. Internet is a big reason that we have migrated as a flow.
Therefore, we decided to use the latest internet technology,and video editing systems to perform the video transmission of news and informations.

 Now, three years round from the second-order Abe Cabinet, which was established in December 2012 have passed. Japanese prime minister changed as every year from 1990's to 2012, therefore the unstable political situation has lasted long, the issue has been resolved due to Mr. Shinzo Abe. However, the ruling party which is a majority now stands out brute force method can be seen such as a particular secret protection bill, the right to collective self-defense and TPP.


Shirakawago,World heritage

I think that was insufficient deliberation time.There is a surface that has progressed in a way that ignores the people's voice. For the future, the public must continue to watch the process and future of the course without having to overlook against them.
Now the unfortunate thing is opposition party.There is no momentum for the Democratic Party and the party of Ishinnokai. In order to maintain the democracy of Japan, it is necessary for the presence of a healthy opposition party.
 How Japan should correspond to these problems in politics. What things to be the priority in order to overcome the situation which Japan is facing both at home and abroad. Like diplomatic, economic, regional, environment, population decline and so on, it is piling up in wide-ranging such as nuclear accident problem of Fukushima.

 I have repeatedly stated that it should go up the quality of politics and politicians itself. The Nation can be considered in the 100 years in the total. In both Representative House and the Upper House,I can say that there is a big challenge for current electoral system.Because the member of Representative House changed more than 30% each time so far and it created what we called, the rookie. In the United States, the presidency is guaranteed one term of four years, and the minimum of 10 years in case of Russia and China.They have been enrolled in the seat for such a long time. It is also the same in minister class. In the diplomatic warfare the world, such as catching a weasel asleep,it does not have a corresponding the specifications if Japanese politics is amateur to them.
 Now, Japan has surged at a speed that the people's aging does not look at an example in the world. It is a fact that emitted the word "local creation" from the government is very important. The eye of the politics has been directed to the region at last.Future rural areas, in order to escape the annihilation,have to give the opportunity for young people to work in their hometown after graduating from the school. It is the essential environment that can be engaged in life with confidence and safely as reviewing the systems and mechanisms.We have to eliminate the one area concentration in Tokyo, it is a chance to rally the region.

Kawanakajima battle in Uesugi Festival,Yonezawa

 Japan in its globalization,has to go to the cooperation with the countries of the world, we must come in the future the era to carry out the distinctive diplomacy and domestic politics seem Japan. Look at Japanese technology ,culture, and other thinking like to the peace, I feel the goodness of Japan has been really appreciated now in the world. We Japanese, let's continue to meet great expectations from the world and make a great efforts.

 In 2016, "Yonezawa Nippo Digital" will anticipate of the challenges of the region, and unearth a Japanese treasure.We would like to cherish the spirit of reforming that Uesugi Yozan did in Yonezawa 200 years ago, and we will pose problems and higher quality informations and also will make unremitting efforts. We ask all of you the encouragement and scolding to us if necessary. For everyone, I would like to pray that it will be a fruitful this year.I will give some greetings.

                          Best regards

 1st January, 2016

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